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Ambuja make Manometers are the most primary source of pressure measuring instruments with no moving parts and most natural form of pressure sensing makes it the most accurate and widely demanded Industrial pressure measuring instrument in India. Most of our clients takes are manometers as master and calibrate their pressure gauges, other pressure measuring devices against are manufactured manometers. Manometers are widely preferred over pressure gauge due to its long life and accuracy. Manometers are used to measure positive pressure, negative pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, flow etc. All our scales are engraved using master scales thus scales are accurate resulting good accuracy at all times. The commonly units of measure used are mmW.g., inch W.g., mm Hg, Inch Hg, kg/cm2, PSIG, mbar, Pa, Flow Units etc.Our manufactured manometers have scale zero adjusting knob for better adjustments. We manufacture Water column, Mercury column and manometer using Red oil as indicating fluid for better sensitivity.

Connection : ¼” BSP (F) / NPT (F) Nozzle type or as required.

Calibration : All manometers are calibrated for better accuracy.

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