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Sight Flow Indicator

We at Ambuja Tube Fitting are most recognized manufacture of Sight flow Indicators in India. Sight flow indicators are used in vertical as well as horizontal line for visualization of flow. It guides for any blockage or choke up of flow thus performs a very important part in all 365 days running industries. We at Ambuja Tube Fitting Mfg Co are a 30 year old company in manufacturing Sight flow indicators of different types like wise Flapper type Sight flow indicators, Drip type sight flow indicators, Rotar type sight flow indicators, Plain flanged type sight flow indicator, Glass pipe section type sight flow indicators, Qvf type Sight flow indicators. We are exporters of Sight flow indicators which are demanded for its durability easy maintenance in line, use of corrosion resistant materials to suit Acid and other critical application. Spare matting flanges nut bolts are supplied at extra cost on request.

MOC of Construction : 304, 304 L 316, 316 L, C.S powder coated.

Connection : Flanged, screwed, as required.

Hyraulic Test : All Sigth flow Indicators are supplied with Hydraulic test certificate.

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