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Pipe Plug Manufacturers in India

Plugs are used to seal or close one end of tube and is mainly used to close a flowing line or cap it for time being or permanently. We manufacture plugs in various materials of construction from SS, Copper, Brass etc as required Plugs are manufactured in varied Line sizes from 1/8” to 2” in Male NPT or BSP threading and INCH threading on request. This plugs are available in galvanized form using C.S material. Bright buffed in case of S.S and Nickel plated in case of Brass for superior finish and enhanced corrosion resistance. Total length of threading changes in case of BSP thread as length of BSP threads are little less then NPT threading.

Types of Plug :

Pipe Thread /NPT Dimensions    
Total Length Hex Size Part Noo  
1/8 19 7/16 A-PP-2
1/4 24 9/16 A-PP-4
3/8 25 11/16 A-PP-6
1/2 31 7/8 A-PP-8
3/4 31 1-1/16 A-PP-12
1 38 1-3/8 A-PP-16

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